Terms and Conditions

Please take time to read our terms and conditions before making a booking with us, and do not hesitate to contact us on any point requiring clarification. These terms and conditions govern the contract under which Lakeland Adventures will supply Activity Bookings to you.When the User purchases a confirmed activity with an operator via Lakeland Adventures they will enter into a separate contract with the operator for the supply of the activity in question and become subject to the operator’s own terms and conditions.

User refers to the purchaser and/or the participant in any activity sold via Lakeland Adventures.


Many of the activities sold by Lakeland Adventures involve some personal risk. In purchasing one of our activities you accept the existence of an element of risk. Life insurance policies vary in their coverage, and some may exclude certain of the activities Lakeland Adventures offer. It is advisable to check this with your insurance company in advance. The operators for the various activities advertised normally arrange their own liability insurance, which will provide insurance for participants in the case of negligence on behalf of that operator (Lakeland Adventures provide such insurance for yacht sailing activities to the value of £3,000,000).

Lakeland Adventures accepts responsibility for yacht sailing activities but for all other activities, the following statement applies.

Activities are sold by Lakeland Adventures as an agent for businesses that provide lifestyle and recreational activities to customers herein after referred to as “activity providers”.

Lakeland Adventures is not an activity provider and has no responsibility for any activities provided or not provided by any other party. Lakeland Adventures are not operators of any other vehicle or equipment used in the provision of the activities sold. We are unable to give any guarantee as to the safety standards or performance of any operator. The operator may require a disclaimer to be signed before the activity.

We cannot accept any responsibility for any loss howsoever arising from our contract with you for the supply of an Activity Booking (save in the case of death or personal injury caused by our negligence).Liability for any delay or cancellation of the activity or loss, injury, death or any other claim howsoever arising from or howsoever caused by the activities advertised on our website or ordered through us shall be the sole responsibility of the operator who provides the activities and shall be governed by that operator’s terms and conditions.

Users Responsibilities

At the time of purchase the User will be supplied with a booking reference, a designated place and time to meet the operator, the operators contact details and some indication of any preparation required.It is the User’s responsibility to be at the correct place at the correct time in a fit state to partake in the activity. If they encounter any difficulty or delay doing this they must contact the operator as soon as possible and manage the difficulty accordingly. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation and forfeiture of the activity.

Cancellation by you

If you are unable to attend an activity on the confirmed date and time you selected you should immediately contact the activity provider who will do their best to reschedule the activity.Lakeland Adventures and/or the supplier cannot refund or exchange should you fail to attend an agreed date and time or if you fail to attend a re-scheduled date and time.It is generally expected that for a cancellation less than 48hrs before the departure of a trip, no refund will be possible.


Waiting time may be necessary with all activities, especially as some are weather dependent. There is also the possibility of short notice cancellation due to weather, mechanical problems, staff illness or other unforeseen circumstances beyond the operator’s control. If the activity is cancelled the user should simply re-book with the operator concerned.Once the User have booked their chosen activity they will become subject to the operator’s terms and conditions including the operator’s cancellation terms.

This may mean that if the user cancels a booking the user may forfeit the activity. Lakeland Adventures will not be liable for any costs such as travel or accommodation incurred by the participant in such circumstances.Should an activity become unavailable or a particular location become unavailable for any reason whatsoever after you have received your booking reference, we will endeavour to find an acceptable alternative activity at the same price. Failing this we reserve the right to give a full refund. This will be made to the purchaser of the activity.

This will be the limit of our liability and we will not be liable for any other costs incurred by the participant such as travel or accommodation. The user will need to be agile enough to get in and out of the particular craft or equipment in use and must be medically fit enough for the particular activity. If the user has any doubts about medical fitness, they should consult their doctor.


The easiest way of resolving a complaint is to address them on the day. If your complaint cannot be resolved on the day please inform us by writing to our Customer Services Manager. You can claim a refund up to 7 days after placing an order with Lakeland Adventures unless the activity date and time has been booked with the supplier. Refunds after this period will be at our discretion and will be subject to a £20 or 20% (whichever is greater) admin fee. Note that refunds can only be made to the purchaser. Refunds will not be made to the user or any third party.


No guarantee can be made as to availability of the activity on any particular day. We advise that the user books as soon as possible before the preferred date.Many activities have height, weight and age restrictions. We will advise you of any restrictions at the time of purchase. If the user is 18 or under the consent of a parent/guardian will be required. Other age limits may apply.Most driving activities require the user to hold a full driving licence. Advertised prices may be changed at any time. We will advise you of any such changes when you place your booking.Booking reference numbers will be issued verbally at the time of purchase.

If appropriate Vouchers containing the booking reference number will be sent via email or text message. Under special circumstances Gift Vouchers will be despatched by first class Royal Mail 30 Days before the chosen activity date. We will not be liable for any cost or loss or inconvenience suffered due to delayed or lost mail.Many activities are seasonal; details of availability will be made clear at the time of booking.

The contract between you and Lakeland Adventures does not create any right enforceable by any person under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999, but this does not affect any right or remedy of a third party which exists or is available apart from under that Act.

Lakeland Adventures endeavour to give accurate and detailed information about every activity. However there may be changes in the exact arrangements on the day.

These descriptions should therefore be taken as a guide only and do not form part of the contract. Photographs used are illustrative and not necessarily of the actual equipment in use at any particular location.

PLEASE NOTE: For your safety and protection. unless you are otherwise advised all the Yacht sailing activities will be run by Lakeland Adventures.
There is no smoking policy onboard Elana or when in our premises.
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